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Through the lens of your eyes, what do you see?

What do you really see?

Calvin & Hobbes

Source: Mecha Image Of The Day

Truly, can you see beyond what you think you saw?

Or are you, too, fogged by same lenses and perceptions, that moon has so forged for the world?


The impossible theory explained

If someone say:

“That’s Impossible.”

You should understand it as:

“According to my very limited experience and narrow understanding of reality, that’s very unlikely.”

The impossible theory explained



And never give up.

The iPad Cat

Source: Brandon Boyer

This is simply amazing! What a cute cat!

As for iPad, let’s check that out later… after all, it does have a silly name

Oxygen in Elementary school

This is one cool video on oxygen, element number 8!

For all the science teachers in the world!

Oxygen from Christopher Hendryx on Vimeo.

Impossible Possible

Nothing is Impossible.
The word itself says
I’m Possible“!

– Audrey Herpburn


I'm Possible

Source: Sad and Useless


moon likes this quote!

And as he tries to do the impossible (rather, he thinks it’s possible, but the other party says it’s impossible), he prays!

Let’s make everything possible.

wiwi vivi vivi

The heart that bore trees

The heart that bore trees 02

The heart that bore trees 02

Contrary to what moon said the other time that he only draw when he’s in the ‘I’m so bord, I’m falling asleep mode,’ perhaps it’s not true…

He draw this picture in the midst of a very interesting session at work place…

Hmm… and titled it ‘The heart that bore trees”.

It began as some random messy strokes as he doodled. moon was trying to comprehend what mark was talking about in qcl521. As he tried his very best (to no valid), he doodled. It looked horrible. He tried to shape it into a cone. It looked better.

He inverted it. It look like a tree.

Then he drew a heart.


Why? He wondered.

And he continued.

Because Pirates will always win…

Ubisoft vs Pirates

Ubisoft vs Pirates

Source: Ubisoft vs Pirates

So it seems, piracy is rock steady while the attempts to curb it seem to backfire!